Company REMONDIS Medison offers high quality, complete legal and practical provision of services related to the disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous medical, pharmaceutical, cytotoxic, pathoanatomical waste, but also and other types of industrial waste. Providing medical waste collection services includes:
  • Disposal of waste generated in health care institutions and
  • Disposal of waste generated in veterinary institutions

Technological process of steam sterilization is the best technology fot medical waste treatment services in the region with integrated waste shredder. Disposal of pharmaceutical, cytotoxic, pathoanatomical and other types of waste from health care institutions, but also from industry we are managing by the thermal treatment (incineration) at high temperatures. We perform in compliance with all legal norms and preserving human health and a healthy environment. We are in this part pioneers in the Republic of Serbia.


The provision of services is based on the principle of partnership with all our clients. We are the leading company in the region in terms of manner and implementation the strictest European standards regarding environmental protection. We have one of the most modern technologies and capacity waste treatment plants in Southeast Europe. Our employees have undergone the highest quality training in the care of the dangerous waste and are always available to customers. The process of collection, transport and treatment, as well as the care of third parties and the environment, are additionally insured in insurance companies.